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Pre-Physician Assistant Club of

Grand Valley State University!

We are a registered student organization that operates as a system of support for the pre-physician assistant students on campus. We aim to familiarize members with the requirements and application process to Physician Assistant Studies programs as well as the Physician Assistant profession. We strive to offer insight, opportunity, and support to all members as we navigate through this pre-professional journey together!

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"You want to work in healthcare, but being a doctor seems like overkill. Why not get most of the benefit without all the crazy competition, super long training, and unnecessary stress. Here’s how you can decide if becoming a PA is a good career for you. Big thanks to Stephen Benton!"



A Message to PAs from Congresswoman Karen Bass

Welcome to the Pre-PA Club

The Steffes Foundation

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Become a Pen Pal with a resident of a local, West Michigan, nursing home. The opportunity will be designed for one-on-one communication via letters with correspondence every 2-4 weeks, or upon your discretion. 
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